Monday, October 25, 2010

Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail Ressurected

The on-again off-again Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail seems to have come alive again. This trail would serve as an important link between Muskegon and the Hart-Montague Trail. The plan seemed to have died prematurely as matching funds dried up before work could be started. However, they seem to have now secured the Fred Meijer matching funds and construction may start early in 2011. More news here.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Inc. Bicycle ministry donates helmets too!

There was a very nice article in yesterday's Grand Haven Tribune about Love Inc's bicycle ministry. In addition to giving away reconditioned bikes to those in need, they are also giving away bicycle helmets along with the bikes. Surprisingly, not all recipients want the helmets. Here is the link.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

US Bicycle Route 35 through Ferrysburg

Shown above is the route of US Bicycle Route 35 through Ferrysburg. It comes from the south along Lakeshore Ave. and Sheldon Dr. in Grand Haven, eventually crossing the Grand River next to US 31 on the bike/pedestrian walkway, through Wm. Ferry Park, along Pine St., then left on 3rd St., round the turn onto 174th Ave., then left on Dogwood Dr. just before Leppinks Grocery Store. Dogwood Dr. goes North and eventually merges with 180th Ave., then left on Hickory and past Black Lake towards Muskegon.

Ferrysburg City Council supports Bike Route 35

The Grand Haven newspaper today had a nice story about how the Ferrysburg City Council supports the interstate bicycle route that goes along the Michigan shoreline, commonly known as Route 35. This route goes only a few blocks from my house. Nifty! For more details on Route 35, follow this link:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Colorburst 2010 - Nice!

Colorburst 2010 was nearly perfect. Temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, no winds, clear skies, great food, good friends. What else could you ask for? They put on a fantastic feed. Breakfast was pancakes, blueberry or strawberry syrup, and hot cocoa, OJ or coffee. Joe, Jan and I rode the shorter 17 mile route today. There were a few hills, but the downhill ride was a good reward for the work going up each of them. The trees were nearly at their peak, with lots of reds and yellows. What else can I say?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mackinac Island - Part 3

Bikes are all over Mackinac Island. The tour guide told us that there was a fudge shop in almost every shopping area. I think that there is a bike rental shop in EVERY shopping area - right next to the fudge shop. ;-) There are signs everywhere warning bikes to slow down. The tour guide also told us that the local police had speed traps for cyclists. My guess is that the horses and horse-drawn carriages don' t speed much on the island. Guess what! The police ride bikes too.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mackinac Island - Part 2

The top photo shows the Grand Hotel as seen from our ferry on it's approach to the Island. It is VERY Grand! The second photo shows Gayle and I resting on the front porch of the Grand Hotel after arriving. And the third photo above shows my bike in the largest hotel parking lot on the Island. There are bike racks and bikes all over the Island. You better know where you left your bike or you might have to search through thousands of bikes to find it.

Trip to Mackinac Island

Gayle and I decided to attend a mini-class reunion of her Parchment (MI) High School class on Mackinac Island this past weekend. We stayed in the Grand Hotel for 2 nights, and of course, I brought my bike along, as there are only 3 means of transportation on the Island: walking, horse-drawn carriages and BIKES! The photos above show the Arnold ferry arriving at St. Ignace and my bike on the back of the ferry during the 15 minute crossing. I debated whether to rent an Island bike or bring my own. The Island bikes are either single-speed, 3-speed or mountain bikes. My last experience with a rental wasn't that great, so I decided that $8 for a round trip transportation of my bike was well worth it. Stay tuned for more photos and my commentary on bikes on Mackinac Island.