Saturday, August 29, 2009

12 miles today

The weather here has been lousy so far. Temps are in the lower 60's with sprinkles and light rain every day since Thursday. They say it is unusual for August, so maybe next weekend will be better. I got out today around 1 pm for some riding. I went over to Lakeshore Drive and followed that south to Ferris Ave., then east to 168th St. and followed the bike path (wide sidewalk) north to Mercury, then back west and north to home. Total mileage was about 12 miles (including some extra sightseeing).

First Ride in Michigan

I know - it looks like I am frowning. It was just a little cold and wet where I took this shot. This is a view of the Grand Haven lighthouse and pier behind me. I cycled from my condo near US 31 and Columbus St. downtown, then along the boardwalk out to the lighthouse. On my way back I cycled on the sand-covered sidewalks near Grand Haven State Park and the city beach. Cycling on sandy sidewalks was a pain, but not as bad as on the beach itself. (I didn't try that) Temps are only in the mid 60's with sprinkles and light rain. It is supposed to get into the upper 70's by next weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Blog!

This is the first post to my new blog! I am currently in Nebraska, but will be moving soon to Grand Haven, Michigan - on the coast of Lake Michigan between Holland and Muskegon. Stay tuned for more details!