Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More photos from last weekend

Here are more photos from last weekends ride. There was still snow on the ground then but it is all melted now!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow covered trails

Here are a couple photos of the trail conditions in Grand Haven. The top photo is near Chinook Pier in the downtown area of Grand Haven. It looks like whoever plowed this trail was drunk or just not very observant. You can see that the trail curves to the right, while the plow went straight through on the grass. The lower photo is on Harbor Island and shows much better conditions.

Spring bike riding weather arrives!

Yes, there is still snow on the ground, but the roads are clear and "most" of the bike trails are also clear. By most, I mean that some of the trails and sidewalks in the city limits have been plowed - sort of. The trail/sidewalks in Grand Haven township are another story altogether. There is probably 6 to 8 inches of snow still on the E-W sidewalk/trail along Comstock St. in south Grand Haven (in the township, not the city). Michigan is sorta weird about townships. All they were good for back in Nebraska was a place to vote. Up here they have different zoning laws and elected officials in each township. They also have counties, but it doesn't seem like counties are as important as townships.

The photo above was taken in William Ferry Park, just north of the drawbridge across the Grand River, and next to Spring Lake. To get from Ferrysburg, where I live, to Grand Haven, you HAVE to take the bike path over the drawbridge. It's not too bad - just a little narrow. If you see bikes coming across from the other side, you can time yourself so that you meet them in the wide spots on either side of the drawbridge proper.

I was able to get out in the neighborhood Thursday evening and got in 2.5 miles. Saturday, I did 9.2 miles, and today (Sunday) I did 7.8 miles. I have many more photos to post so check back later.