Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Love Links - a bicycle ministry

A couple years ago, Derek Rust, an advertising representative at the Grand Haven Tribune, learned that a single mother - whose only means of transportation was a bicycle - had her bicycle stolen. Rust fixed up a used bicycle for her to use as transportation. That kind gesture led Rust to explore ways of helping other people who use bikes for transportation. The wheels were set in motion for the creation of "Love Links", a bicycle ministry under the auspices of volunteers Char and Kevin Velik who are affiliated with the Harvest Bible Chapel in West Olive. Love Links serves as a partner to Love INC. The bicycle ministry was started in 2007, but really began to flourish in 2008 when 128 bicycles were repaired and given away. So far this year, 202 bicycles have been given away.

Read more about Love Links in the Grand Haven Tribune:

Read more about Love Inc. here:

Monday, November 23, 2009

More photos from Sunday's ride

Here are a couple more photos taken on my cycling trip around town on Sunday. The top photo is of the pivot bridge for the train. This is a lightly-used train track which crosses the Grand River parallel to the US-31 drawbridge. The drawbridge carries 100% of the car-truck traffic between Holland and Muskegon. The closest bridge over the Grand River is about 20 miles east, near Allendale, MI. The bottom photo is of the south pier and boardwalk to the pier. There was a lot of sand on the walkway plus lots of foot traffic, so I decided to turn around before reaching the pier.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday ride around the Tri-cities

Here are a few photos from this afternoon's ride. The temperature was close to 60 degrees with no wind - almost perfect day for fall cycling! I crossed the drawbridge between Grand Haven and Ferrysburg, then cycled up to North Shore Dr. and over to Cherokee Dr. and passed our new home-to-be, circled through Coast Guard Park and back on North Shore to Ferry Park, where these photos were taken. I crossed the drawbridge back into Grand Haven and cycled through Harbor Island to the boardwalk downtown. I will post more photos tomorrow, so stay tuned.