Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pier to Pier Ride

Seems like all I post is boat or lighthouse photos. Well, there are a lot of both of these up here in Michigan. This past weekend I went on a Pier to Pier bike ride, from my house to the end of the South Pier, then all the way around to the end of the North Pier, then back home. This amounts to about 18 miles, mostly because you have to cross the Grand River over the drawbridge next to US 31. On this ride, I also got to see the drawbridge go up and down, and got a video of it from a cyclists perspective.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Foggy Lakeshore ride

I went on my usual 8 mile ride to the North Pier and back again after work. It didn't seem foggy until I got right up next to Lake Michigan. The first photo shows the lighthouse on the South Pier across the Grand River channel. You can barely see other walkers on the pier. The bottom photo shows the North Pier almost back to shore. I had to cycle halfway back to shore along the pier to get this shot. From the end of the pier, the shoreline was invisible.