Monday, May 24, 2010

Grand Haven kite festival

It must be summer! Tourists invaded Grand Haven this weekend for the annual kite festival. The beach must have had several thousand college kids. It looked like Spring Break in Florida or Texas! Gayle and I drove past the beach after church on Sunday just to see a few of the kites. We snapped a few shots out the car window as we weren't going to find any parking within 10 blocks of the beach and boardwalk. Later Sunday afternoon I went for a bike ride to the North Pier and shot a few more photos toward the South Pier and beach.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ride of Silence - Spring lake

After work yesterday, I cycled over to Spring Lake Central Park, where the local Ride of Silence was to begin at 7 pm. I met my colleague Jeremy and his fiance, Misti, at the park. Spring Lake's ride was one of 32 across the state of Michigan, and one of over 300 across the country. This was the 4th year in Spring Lake. They had a very nice turnout, with 87 registered cyclists, including a couple bike cops. We had police block the major intersections along the route, and everyone was very quiet during the entire 7.5 mile route.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Riding around Spring Lake

I went for a 15.5 mile ride this afternoon after Gayle and I did some shopping in Muskegon and Grand Haven. I wanted to inspect the Spring Lake Trail again before tomorrow's "Family Ride". Didn't see any problems. I went out to State Road and up 148th to Fruitport Road, then back down along Fruitport Road into Spring Lake again. The top photo is crossing over Pettys Bayou near the Spring Lake Country Club. The second and third photos are near the Village Cove Marina and Barrett Boat Works in Spring Lake. I was thinking of Photo-Shopping "Go Big Red" where it says "Go Blue" on the boat. The last photo shows where the trail cuts in through the Holiday Inn parking lot and the North Boardwalk under the Spring Lake bridge (where I took the photo). The trail actually squeezes past the round picnic table on the boardwalk near the bow of the large boat.