Monday, August 30, 2010

Ride from Grand Haven to Holland

Saturday morning was our scheduled company wellness group Road Ride for August. There are only a couple other road cyclists where I work besides me. However, only Jan showed up for the ride. I rode down from Grand Haven and met her at Kirk Park, on Lakeshore Ave. between Grand Haven and Holland. The two of us cycled south to Tunnel Park, on the north edge of Holland, then turned around and headed back. The top photo above shows the "tunnel" between the parking lot and the beach. It goes through the sand dunes instead of over or around. The bottom photo shows a cute painted pig that someone had next to the road for their property address sign. I ended up with about 39 miles and Jan, about 21 miles.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friends of the North Bank Trail - No Show

The "Friends of the North Bank Trail" in Spring Lake, MI are supposed to have a monthly meeting at the Crockery Township Hall on the 4th Tuesday of every month. I showed up promptly at 5:20 pm, about 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time. There were 2 people there, a lady and a guy who was doing some repair work inside one of the Hall's meeting rooms. There were signs posted for this meeting, and the room was open. However, after chatting with the repair guy for about 20 minutes, no one else showed up. I never saw the lady again after entering the building. Hopefully, this was a rare summer thing, as I will try to attend again next month in September.